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Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library

    The Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library is being revitalized, and we are hoping that you will consider joining and participating in this group. The Fairport Harbor Library is a vital part of our community, providing resources that all in the village can use and enjoy. The friends group can help this valuable asset by providing funds for programs and resources that the regular library budget cannot provide.

Please print and fill out the membership form and drop it in the mail or return it to the library circulation desk.
Membership forms are available at the library or a printable form is available at the bottom of this page.

The Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library Update: March 2018

Officers for this year are as follows:

Nan Norton, President
Emily Mummey, Vice President
Marty O'Gara, Secretary
Mark Elsing, Treasurer


You may reach us as well by leaving a message at the library.

An all members meeting is scheduled for
Thursday, April 26, 2018
at 6:30pm
 in the
Library meeting room. You are welcome to attend!

In addition, your unwanted books can be donated and added to the books available for sale. Please consider joining the Friends group and helping our wonderful library!

Additional updates in our online newsletter.

For more information, please contact Nan Norton at fhfriendsol@gmx.us

Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library Form pdf. (Print)